Diversified Dental Specialty Materials

Gingiva Resin


  • High tear resistance.
  • Flexible & easy to trim.
  • Biocompatible, FDA&CE-compliant.

Material Introduction

EvoDent Gingiva Resin is a resilient yet sturdy material designed for use alongside EvoDent Die and Model resin, replicating the appearance and texture of natural gum tissue. With high tear resistance, it is easily trimmable for precise restorative planning.

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Parameter Table

Testing Method Testing Items Value
GB/T1040.1-2006 Tensile Strength 1.8~2.5 MPa
GB/T1040.1-2006 Elongation at Break 105~135 %
GB/T2411-2008 Shore Hardness 50-60 A
Performance Printing Parameter
Energy of Light 405 nm, 6 mW/cm2
Exposure Time 2.5 s
Printing Temperature 25±3 ℃
Humidity ≤50%
Resin Viscosity 940 cps@25℃
Resin Density1.1 g/cm3

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