Diversified Dental Specialty Materials

IDB Resin

  • High tear resistance, flexibility, and translucence.
  • Flexible and biocompatible

Material Introduction

EvoDent IDB Resin features exemplary tear resistance and translucence, making it ideal for swift bracket placement. Enhanced mechanical properties enable orthodontists to design thinner trays with increased precision, streamlining the indirect bonding process for rapid and cost-effective procedures.

  • 牙冠2
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Parameter Table

Testing Method Testing Items Value
GB/T1040.1-2006 Tensile strength ≥55 MPa
GB/T1040.1-2006 Elongation at break ≥6 %
GB/T2411-2008 Shore Hardness ≥80 D
GB1634-79 Deformation of heat / 0.45MPa ≥105 Mpa

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