UnionTech Concluded The 2023 Dental Technology Exchange Meeting


On October 13, 2023, with the theme of "Communication for innovation, the future can be expected", the technical exchange meeting of dental industry of UnionTech successfully came to an end! Various big names gathered offline at UnionTech, a "hundred controversies" centered on 3D printing technology and the development of the dental industry began ......


At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Wang Chao, Deputy General Manager of UnionTech, gave a wonderful opening speech and a brief introduction of the corporation's development history. As a "veteran" industry figure with more than 20 years of experience in additive manufacturing, Mr. Wang has witnessed the growth and expansion of additive manufacturing technology in the domestic market, and also deeply felt the important role of technological innovation in the upgrading and transformation of industry.


At the same time, Mr. Qu Honglai, Sales Director of the Dental Division of Union Tech, gave an in-depth explanation on the full range of applications of 3D printing technology in the dental industry. From the technician end to the clinic end, from the process to the equipment, the all-round professional introduction enabled the guests to further understand that 3D printing technology has the unique advantages that cannot be compared with the traditional process.


In order to strengthen the understanding of the guests on the dental equipment of Union Tech, the meeting specially invited Mr. Wang Jincheng, the manager of the product management department of UnionTech, to start the in-depth interpretation of the whole series of dental products on the spot. From the D series to the S series, to the newly launched UOne and E series, the technology, performance and advantages of each product were elaborated in detail, the whole process of high-energy, dry goods constantly, for the guests to bring a wonderful brainstorming!


In addition to product and technology sharing, the materials used in dental 3D printing have always been of great interest to dentists. This time, Union Tech invited Mr. Qiu Xianxing, R&D manager of its wholly-owned material subsidiary, Syntec, to give a professional explanation on high-performance materials for dentistry. Starting from a large number of customer feedback issues, the company adopted professional technology to break through them one by one, and finally created the new material Model V6.6, realizing a new breakthrough in material change in the dental industry.


In order to present guests with more intuitive 3D printing dental applications, Union Tech invited Mr. Wu Chupeng, Technical Manager of Suzhou Branch of Contagious Denture Group, to share on-site the intelligent application of 3D printing technology in the restorative end. His detailed description of the three dimensions of "digital transformation of traditional models", "digital application of implant mouth sweep" and "how to control the adjacency of the printed model", and his professional interpretation triggered a lot of resonance with the industry. The professional interpretation triggered a lot of resonance with the industry.



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